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Perma-Flex Livestock ID Tags

The Premium Tag System for Superior Livestock Management

New attractive ear tags made from strong, durable polyurethane withstand the most severe weather conditions. The PERMA-FLEX snagless stud fits most applicators when used in combination with the PERMA-FLEX bullet tip applicator pin. Its notched design reduces the risk of snagging on twine and feeders and allows for fast healing.

Tags are available as blank or numbered in the following colours - orange, yellow, white, red, blue, green and violet. The numbers are hot stamped in black ink or you can purchase an acid based ink marker to ID your own letters and numbers.

Sheep Tag
Both Halves Numbered
Ear Tags
Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes
Round Tags
Available in Small Round and Hog Tag
Brisket Tag
This superior tagging system is highly secure and can be applied in under 15 seconds. Padlock design secures tag to brisket. Its extra large surface area provides for greater visibility and more room for information.

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Phason Fence Controller

Made in Manitoba
We do all warranty work on fencers we sell


  • A powerful fencer for the multiple hot wire fence installations required for predator control, sheep, and pasture management applications.
  • Low Impedance design will maintain high voltage for up to 30 miles of fence wire despite vegetation and poor insullation. Features external fuse for easy replacement, recessed bottom connections plus operating light, mounted on a steel chassis enclosed in a newly designed plastic housing.
  • 24 month limited guarantee from the date of retail sale, including damage from lightning.
PerformanceNo Load VoltageGuard Voltage: note:
Lowest effective guard voltage for long haired animals = 2000 V
Lowest effective guard voltage for short haired animals = 700 V
Model #Type1/2 Mile1 Mile*5 Mile30 Mile50 Mile
P3000 DC5600VDC500035001400N/AN/A
P5500 DC4500 V (HI)
4200 V (LO)
P2000 SP
(Featured model)
5200 VDC436029201220N/AN/A
P3000 AC2400
P5500 AC4500 VAC1150010300570021001500
* 100 000 ohms, .015uF. Above ratings based on well insulated, single wire fence.

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Solar Panels

Harness the power of the sun and generate FREE electrical energy for your application. Waterproof, maintenance free and easy to use.

Physical Specifications

  • Width: 14 inches
  • Height: 11 1/4 inches
  • Thickness: 3/4 inch
Electrical Specifications
  • Maximum Output:
  • Voltage: 16 Volts
  • Current: 1/2 Amp
  • Power: 8 Watts

The Model SM500-12V Solar Panel brings the benefits of electrical power to places where it was not possible or practical before. A terrific means of avoiding costly & unsightly wiring to the site.

The silicon solar cells convert daylight directly into electricity without the use of moving parts. these cells are arranged on a flat panel and are laminated in a special resin with an ultraviolet inhibiting polycarbonate surface. The entire unit is then "epoxy sealed" into an aluminum fram to create a flexible, lightweight, shatterproof and rugged solar panel.


This solar panel can be used for keeping 12 volt batteries charged for electrical fencers, water pumps and for many other 12 volt applications.

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StockDoctor - Medicating System

A Better Innoculator

A revolutionary new style of range doctoring has been invented that allows livestock producers to inject from 1 to 30 cc's of medication into their animals from horseback, vehicle, ATV's or on foot. This new medicating system allows injection from a safe distance while maintianing control of the syringe up to 25 feet away.

Features / How It Works

The new hypodermic injector consists of a 5 foot long air craft grade aluminum tube fitted with a comfortable foam hand grip. A specially-designed hypodermic syringe made from from aluminum and space-age high-strength plastics is held onto the other by a collar-like fitting. The collar is connected to a retractable tether about 20 feet long made from fine 400-pound test nylon cord. This is wound to a pulley system connected by a special spring, all of which is stored within the handle tube.

The needle is one of the features that makes this device unique. Made of special heavy wall stainless steel tubing with a tiny beveled ring on the shaft, the needle is retained in the flesh long enough for the full dose to be administered. To use the injector, one pulls back and locks the plunger, measures the amount of fluid into the syringe, puts the collar in place and then makes contact with the animal. As the animal moves away, it runs off with the tethered syringe still in place. Meanwhile, the injection continues slowly and steadily while the tether allows the animal to move away up to 25 feet. This allows plenty of time for even 30 cc's of heavier serum to be injected. When the animal gets to the end of the tether, the emptied syringe pulls out.

The Stockdoctor stands out from its competitors in that it can deliver as much as 30 cc's in one dose as compared to the conventional twelve and that it gives a slow, gentle release of the medication as compared to the quick one-half second release. These features make it a one-shot operation. There is obviously much less stress on both the animals and the producers.

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The NEW Lewis Model 853 Upright Cattle Oiler features:

  • An 8-Gallon Reservoir
  • Auto Drape Oiler
  • 3-Chain Synthetic Wick

    • Automatic Pumping Feature with Total Volume Control
    • Large Loop for Moving Oiler

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