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Perma-Flex Livestock ID Tags Sold Throughout the USA & Canada 

The Premium Tag System for Superior Livestock Management

ID Tags

New attractive livestock ID tags  made from strong, durable polyurethane withstand the most severe weather conditions. The PERMA-FLEX snagless stud fits most applicators when used in combination with the PERMA-FLEX bullet tip applicator pin. Its notched design reduces the risk of snagging on twine and feeders and allows for fast healing.

Tags are available as blank or numbered in the following colours - orange, yellow, white, red, blue, green and violet. The numbers are hot stamped in black ink or you can purchase an acid based ink marker to ID your own letters and numbers.

Sheep Tag
Sheep Tag
Both Halves Numbered
Livestock ID Tag
Ear Tags
Available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

Round Tags
Round Tags
Available in Small Round and Hog Tag
Brisket Tag
Brisket Tag
This superior tagging system is highly secure and can be applied in under 15 seconds. Padlock design secures tag to brisket. Its extra large surface area provides for greater visibility and more room for information. To order our livestock ID tags, contact us today. 

Durable and Effective Livestock ID Tags for Animals of all Sizes

 The principles of good farm management dictate that you have the ability to track and identify all of your animals. It’s very easy to monitor the health of one particular animal when you can quickly look at a number and make sure it’s the one you want. The simplest way to do that is to embrace the latest in technology and apply livestock ID tags with features that set them above the rest. 

The tags we provide bring many benefits to both the animal and the livestock owner. Stress-free animals are healthy animals and thanks to easy installation there is much less stress on the animal during the process. The tags are designed to have a low risk of catching on anything which also helps reduce the animal’s stress.

Options Which Make Sense

From an economic standpoint, Perma-Flex livestock ID tags are durable which means you don’t have to keep purchasing replacements for ones which have been damaged or worn.

The use of these tags makes record keeping so much easier. Their bright colours aid in easy identification and, since they don’t fall off, wear off, or break off, they improve accuracy when you are tracking livestock. Tags are only useful if they’re on the animal and not lying in the corner of some field.

You have the option of purchasing pre-stamped livestock tags, or you can buy blank ones. Blank tags give you maximum flexibility as you can use an acid-based marker to follow your own individual numbering system.

Reach out to us or one of our reps to learn how our livestock ID tags can improve your business. We proud serve farms around Manitoba and across North America.