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Highly Effective Pinkeye Prevention for Cattle in Yorkton, SK

Lewis Cattle Oiler Co. Ltd. has developed a powerful way to protect your herd from the ravages of pinkeye. Cattle pinkeye, or infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis, is one of the most common problems facing cattle farmers across North America. However, our solution helps you treat the problem and keep it from spreading. Take advantage of our highly effective pinkeye prevention for cattle in Yorktown, SK. Our year-long parasite and pest treatment ensures that your cattle receive the protection they need to maintain ideal health. 

Your Source for Cattle Fly Control Treatment 

With our products, you can rest assured that your livestock has the best available defense against this highly contagious disease. Bovine pinkeye originates with a pesky bacterium called Moraxella bovis, which is spread by the flies that feed on cattle eye secretions. This bacterium attaches to the white part of the eyes, called the conjunctiva, and causes irritation and tearing. Unlike its counterpart in humans, pinkeye in cattle is very serious, and often leads to blindness, weight loss, and failure to gain weight. Reach out to us right away about our cattle fly control treatment if your stock exhibits such symptoms as:

• Squinting • Ulcerated Cornea
• Clouded Cornea • Protruding Eyes

Often, even severe cases clear up if treated promptly. However, the best course of action is also the more cost-effective one: preventing the infection from happening in the first place. Our cattle oilers are known by our many satisfied customers as being a potent way of achieving just that. 

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Pinkeye Prevention for Cattle in Yorkton, SK

Protecting the Health of your Cattle Herd

The industry-leading auto drape oilers that we offer are your herd’s reliable source of constant protection. Our product satisfies the natural instinct to scratch while administering a strong but safe topical insecticide that eliminates flies and other parasites that come into contact with it. While introducing the parasite treatment that provides long-lasting treatment, the oiler allows your animals to scratch, which reduces stress, promotes well-being, and ultimately helps to ensure positive weight gain. 

As a cattle farmer, your primary concern is for maintaining a healthy herd. To reduce the risk of pinkeye and other diseases that may contribute to underweight cattle, try out our proven products. We’re confident that our pinkeye solution is your answer to this ongoing health problem. Our company is fully committed to promoting the health of your livestock and working toward your complete customer satisfaction. We’re ready to take your call.

Contact us today to take advantage of our powerful pinkeye prevention strategy. From our headquarters in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, we serve our customers throughout Canada and the northern United States.