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Effective Parasite Treatment from Cattle Oiler Dealers in Yorkton, SK

Protect the health of your herd with cattle oiler dealers in Yorkton, SK. As flies develop resistance to ear tags, they continue to re-infect cattle with lice during calving time. If you want a happy, healthy herd, it is essential to provide the right treatment. Our solution ensures effective control without overtreatment.

For more than half a century, we have been assisting cattlemen with increasing the weight of their animals and cutting down the stress of their herd. In the long-term, this saves them both time and money, as they no longer worry about treating their cows for disease or other ailments that arise from a lack of pest control.

8 1/2 gallon, 3-Chain Upright Oiler with Auto Drape


Promoting Herd Health

Allow us to help you keep your livestock healthy. Our oilers provide effective yearly parasite treatment for cows. Lice and other infestations cause your cattle to itch. They’ll seek to satisfy their instinct to scratch, which is where our powerful oilers come in. As the cows rub against the oiler, a topical insecticide is applied to the coat. Continuous scratching rubs the oil down to the hide to ensure full coverage. Don’t risk the infection of your herd. Parasites are a year-long concern:

Spring & Summer: Face flies, horn flies, stable flies, and mosquitos are all major pests that disrupt feeding behavior and spread diseases, such as pink eye.

Fall: As temperatures drop, flies keep warm under the coats of your cattle. Though not as visible, they still require treatment. In the fall our oiler also provides lice control.

Winter: Once all the adult lice are exterminated, nits (lice eggs) continue to hatch for up to 21 days. We provide the continuous treatment that is required to kill the lice as they hatch.

Additionally, we ensure your livestock receive an adequate mineral intake. Our 8.5-gallon oilers include mineral feeders for cattle so that your calving cows have a properly functioning immune system. When cows are pregnant, the fetus relies on the mineral intake of the mother to develop healthily. Our mineral feeders will provide the nutrients your cattle require.

Designed by a Cattleman, for Cattlemen

Our founder and the inventor of Lewis Cattle Oilers, Joe Lewis, developed our highly-effective pump system in the 1960s. Being a cattleman himself, Joe sought to solve the pest problems that afflicted livestock across the continent. Now, more than 50 years later, we continue to carry on the tradition of authentic cattle oiler dealers and dedicate ourselves to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Contact us to find out which of our dealers is near you. We proudly serve customers in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, throughout Canada, as well as Montana, South and North Dakota, and Minnesota.

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For more than half a century, we have been helping cattlemen increase their animals' weight, cut down on stress, and save time and money. Based in Oak Lake, Manitoba, our business was started by Joe Lewis in the 1960s. Now over 50 years later we are carrying on the tradition of standing behind our products and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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(800) 665-0458
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160 Assiniboine Street
Oak Lake, MB, R0M 1P0

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